主演:伊万娜·米利塞维奇 安东尼·斯塔尔 罗斯·布莱克维尔 



《黑吃黑 第四季》是由葛·艾坦尼斯执导,伊万娜·米利塞维奇/Antony Starr/罗斯·布莱克维尔/Ulrich Thomsen等主演的电视剧.第四季已于2016.04.02播出。在新一季的ban 详情


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美剧《黑吃黑》第一季第四集片尾曲:歌名:Walk Through The Fire 演唱:Mary Gauthier In the darkness it finds me the terrible fireIt don't matter how much I prayThe flames leap and burn me there's nothing I can doTo make the fear go awaySo I try to keep movingTry not to look backPush really hard on the stoneI walk through the fire aloneThe tree by my window turns gray in NovemberI watch the leaves as they fallThe branches left naked reach up so proudlyI wish to God you would callBut me I'm the dead oneYou are the loverWho loved me right down to my bonesNow I walk through the fire aloneThe powers that push meThey move me they own meThey constantly tell me to runI try not to listen, I try to fight themBut never a battle I've wonSo let go of loversI let go of diamondsI've plenty of sins to atoneWhile I walk through the fire aloneHold onto your children, hold onto your mamaHold onto the ones that you loveHold onto your heart, hold onto your visionsHold onto what you're dreaming ofAnd if there's something missingIf you're hiding from someone you long to have knownThen you'll walk through the fireWalk through the fireWalk through the fire alone